Owner & operator, Veterinary technician

 Ever since I was little I have always had an undeniable love and passion for animals. This motivated me to study hard and graduate from the Georgian College Veterinary Technician program. In 2008, I went on to successfully write the National Veterinary Technician Exam. After working many years in vet clinics around the GTA, I was inspired to start Vet Tech Services to help provide pet care in the comfort of people's homes. My team and I are especially happy to be able to accommodate the elderly and those with disabilities that often have difficulty taking their pet out of their home for basic care or regular Vet visits . I am so grateful to be able to do what I love most, helping people and animals. 




I have had a deep passion for animals for as long as I can remember. I started working in the veterinary industry in 2009 and have learned so much over the years in regards to providing quality care for animals. I've had the opportunity to meet some incredible people, including Veronica, and have gained so much knowledge in providing mobile pet care services. I currently work as Veterinary Technician/Practice Manger in a cat specific practice and now I am also able to work with Veronica and Vet Tech Services, providing care for client's pets while they're away and offering in-home medical treatments. 




I’ve grown up around animals all my life ranging from the small hamster and mice to my newfie cross. My parents always taught me to love and care for my pets as well as the responsibility that comes along with owning them. My love for animals has only grown and I hope to get into veterinary college once I am finished my undergrad at U of T. I started pet sitting for neighbours in 2014 and found that it was very fulfilling to get to be the one who makes sure the pets are still kept happy and taken care of while the rest of their family is away. Now working with Vet Tech Services, I have the pleasure of offering overnight pet sitting services in the Beach and east-end Scarborough area. 

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Office Manager

All of my life I have had tremendous love and passion for animals and their wellbeing. I have had many pets in my life ranging from Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, a Rabbit, a Bearded Dragon, and Fish. Currently I have a Labradoodle named Falloe, who is my side kick and always following me where ever I go. I have known V (Veronica) for about 10 years now; we were roommates while in university and became best friends instantly. I am so excited to be a new member of Monarch Vet Tech Services. Helping V and her Team out with accounting and booking Appointments is an exciting and new career change I am looking forward to. 




All my life I have always had a love and passion for animals. I was lucky to meet Veronica when we both worked at the same vet clinic in Scarborough in 2007 and we have remained very good friends since.  I often assist Veronica on appointments when the owner is not 100% comfortable holding for certain procedures. Because I have much experience from working at various vet clinics, we can provide a very gentle and calm environment for the pet as well as reduce the stress of the owner. I have had the pleasure of meeting such lovely new people working with Vet Tech Services and look forward to being able to continue offering my assistance to help people and animals. 




I have always loved animals in general. My best friend was a beautiful black cat named Midnight. She will forever be in my heart. Currently, we have two beautiful cats named Emmy and Coco Chanel. I earned my Veterinary Assistant  diploma in early 2017 and I am looking forward to continuing my education and experience working with the Vet Tech Services team and hope to soon be doing some volunteer work at a local  Vet Clinic or shelter. This is a change in choice of careers for me, but I am excited to do be doing something that I love and am passionate about. I am very much looking forward to meeting new clients and to being able to help provide the best of care for their pets. 



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